Toum believes in providing a unique food experience through its authentic middle eastern cuisine and irreplaceable tastes

Toum, our name comes from the garlic sauce that is common to the Middle East. This sauce containing garlic, salt, olive oil or vegetable oil, and lemon juice, traditionally crushed together using a wooden mortar and pestle, is commonly used in our menu. One of the most flavoursome elements, Toum being or not being in the food makes a huge difference!

Toum started with a promise of serving authentic middle eastern food.

The promise stemmed from Minali Iyengar’s love for this cuisine, as she spent her childhood and teens in Saudi, eating authentic first hand cooked food. She believes in offering the same excitement and experience, that she lived with, through her brand. Toum is for the ones who love authenticity, and are ready to set out onto an exploratory journey of flavours. The quality of the food and dedication put into preparing each dish ensures that no one will ever go disappointed.

If you seek one of the best places to enjoy authentic middle eastern food, your search ends here.


Toum believes that great ingredients make great food

Toum believes in serving an authentic Middle Eastern food experience, by using the best ingredients. Most of our ingredients are sourced from various Middle Eastern regions to give you a unique food experience through authenticity, and irreplaceable tastes.

Tahini Paste from Saudi Arabia

A paste made from toasted and ground sesame seeds, mainly considered a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine. An incredibly versatile ingredient and can be served as a dip, spread, or condiment also.

Black Dried Lemon from Riyadh

Dried citrus fruits, typically limes, which are lightly fermented until they take on the appearance of blackish-brown leather and become totally dry and preserved. An important ingredient used in our Kabsa Rice with a nice sour tart taste. It is quite unique in it's flavour and can also be used for making middle eastern stews.

Walnut and Pitachio Powder

Pistachio and Walnuts are extremely popular in Middle Eastern desserts. However we also use Walnuts in making our barley salad and making Muhammara (Middle Eastern dip)

Slide Toum only uses freshly marinated chicken, which is added to the Shawarma spit every day. Leftover chicken is not used the next day. Slide Toum uses Halal meat in all the meat preparations. Slide Few ingredients are native to the middle Eastern region. Hence, it becomes important for Toum to source it from the region to deliver the best of the flavours to the guest.

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