5 Ways Restaurants Can Ensure Good Hygiene & Establish Contactless Delivery

With the ongoing COVID pandemic, restaurants have had to make drastic changes to their day-to-day operations. One critical aspect that needed the most attention is food delivery and how it can be optimised to ensure safety. Many customers are still skeptical about ordering food or coming in contact with the delivery personnel.

Hence, to win the trust of your customers and ensure food delivery happens in a safe manner, contactless food delivery is the need of the hour.

Listed below are some useful tips that even we follow to ensure optimum hygiene in the restaurant and pivot to contactless delivery.

#1 - Add ‘Contactless Delivery’ Option

If your restaurant has a website or an app that customers use for ordering food, make sure you add the ‘Contactless Delivery’ option. This option must be visible to the customers. You should also add digital online payment options to offer more convenience. It’s best to limit cash acceptance for now and encourage cashless payment.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the customers have the option to provide instructions as to where the food must be dropped off. This is in the best interest of your delivery personnel and customers.

#2 - Intensify Sanitisation Practices

It goes without saying that sanitisation is now more important than ever. However, you should also look into stepping up your sanitisation methods. This means disinfecting and cleaning all the surfaces in the restaurant thoroughly and ensuring that your orders are packed and sealed effectively.

Furthermore, surfaces like tabletops, doors, counters, POS systems, keyboards, and doorknobs must be disinfected every half an hour since these are the most commonly used and unavoidable direct contact points Employees must wear gloves and masks at all times during the preparation of food and utensils should be washed regularly as well. Delivery personnel must also sanitise their hands as soon as they enter your restaurant.

When it comes to sanitisation and improving hygiene, we at Toum, take precautionary measures when cleaning and storing of goods. This ensures that the food is rid of germs and is safe to consume. We also have designated hand sanitising zones for both employees and delivery personnel.

#3 - Check on Employees Often

While you are trying to provide the best customer service, don’t sideline your support staff’s and employee’s well-being. Start by training and educating the team in addition to putting up guidelines and posters for safety & hygiene, all over your restaurant. Ensure that you have ample disinfectants, cleaning solutions, paper towels, napkins, extra masks, and gloves at all times. It is advisable to set up a temperature screening and sanitisation point at the entrance of your restaurant..

If a certain employee is showing signs of even the slightest of symptoms, you must insist that they stay at home and return to work once they have recovered. Make sure you provide your staff with paid leave as well.

At Toum, we ensure that our staff wears gloves and masks at all times. We have also gone a step ahead and taken the effort of vaccinating all our employees.

#4 - Communicate Via Social Media

Communication is key. it’s important for restaurants to communicate with their customers on social media and provide assurance that they are taking the best measures to ensure hygiene, well-being, and safety of their employees. Create informative and engaging posts on how your restaurant is following COVID-related safety and health guidelines. It is also important to share information about your customers practicing responsible social behaviour, just as a reminder.

You can also post video and image content, detailing the steps of how food is prepared in the kitchen, and how contactless delivery works. If you have washing or temperature screening stations in your kitchen, you can include them in your social media posts as well.

By taking these vital measures and communicating with your customers on a regular basis, you will build a sense of trust and create empathy in your customer’s minds.

#5 - Collaborate With Online Food Aggregators

Many online food aggregators have already taken the necessary steps to ensure that the food items are delivered hygienically with provisions for contactless delivery.

Also, since many customers prefer ordering from these platforms, especially during the pandemic, restaurants will benefit by partnering with food aggregators. What’s more, third-party services can also help with promoting the brand and increasing the restaurant’s online visibility.

Toum is partnered with all the top online food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy, and PetPooja. So, if you are in the mood to taste authentic, appetizing, and healthy Middle Eastern cuisine, place an order today.

We hope you have gained valuable insights and found the tips helpful. At Toum, we follow all the COVID-related safety protocols and provide contactless delivery options for our customers to ensure that doorstep delivery is hygienic and safe. If you need more information on how the food is cooked, and the steps we take to provide safe delivery, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!